Client feedback:

“Cheri really helped me through a tough time in my life. Her gentle and understanding approach shone through and she gave me great perspective on the situation, enabling me to move forward. I’d recommend her without a doubt.”

”I thought I’d need years of therapy, but in just 3 sessions I have released so much trauma, pain and shame from my past. The difference to my life has been amazing.”

”I was suffering from terrible anxiety and couldn’t see a way forward. After the first session with Cheri I felt much calmer and could begin to feel hope. After the next couple of sessions I felt like a different person. I now know how to look after myself and avoid any anxiety episodes, and if they crop up, I have the tools to deal with them. “

”I went to Cheri as I was a social smoker who wanted to stop. After 1 session I stopped for good. That was 4 months ago now and I haven’t wanted one since.”

”I was sceptical at first, but Cheri has a lovely manner that just puts you at ease. She made everything sound so simple and achievable. ”